Pressure Washing in Camden and Elizabeth City, NC

Staples & Associates pressure washes and cleans homes, businesses, decks, roofs, driveways and any other exterior surface where buildup has accumulated over time. Often people confuse pressure washing with exterior cleaning. Pressure washing is good for driveways, stone and metal surfaces that can withstand pressurized water without damage. For more delicate surfaces like roofs or wooden shingles, cleaning is the right approach.

Our pressure washing and cleaning process includes first applying a mildicide and liquid soap to help break up any dirt and oil. Afterwards we thoroughly wash and rinse the structure to remove the buildup and restore its original beauty. How we wash and rinse really depends on the surface type we are cleaning.

Pressure Washing a Home and Cleaning the Ugly Black Roof

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Camden, NC

Paint Brands

Staples & Associates uses only high quality Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints.